School Information

Do Shim: the Way of the Heart

Do Shim translates to mean the martial path to centeredness. At Do Shim we aim to find balance in this hectic world through the rigorous training of the body, mind and spirit. Utilizing stretching, conditioning drills, kicks/strikes, locks/throws, breathe control and meditation, we help our students find what athletes call the "zone." What Zen calls "mushin." What artists call "inspiration." The coming together of every aspect of yourself into one penetrating force. In this state of being the seemingly impossible becomes possible.

Do Shim Martial Arts is a commmunity-based academy founded on the principle that all people, regardless of age, race, sex, gender, sexual-orientation, physical ability or economic class, are entitled to the benefits intrinsic to the study of martial arts. To this end, Do Shim seeks to bring to the community the latest advancements in character and life development, kinesiology, and traditional martial arts. As teachers and students, we are committed to living socially responsible lives, encouraging the martial arts traditions of respect, loyalty, family and courage.